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Jeanine Botta created the Green Car Integrity project, a blog about the intersection of cars, tech, and noise

Brooklyn, New York, April 2014 | I created and have maintained this website since 2012 as a clearinghouse for people who want to address stone age technology in the form of horn honking sounds that signal door locking. More recently, the tech industry began producing technology that allows people to honk their cars' horns from smartphones and wristwatches from miles away, and as you can imagine, my colleagues and I are not fond of that technology either.

In my professional life, I've worked for more than eight years as an educator and navigator to patients and caregivers who are considering oncology clinical trial participation. Previously I worked as a research assistant on an HIV behavioral health intervention project, and still earlier, freelanced as a medical copy editor. In 2014, I cofounded the Silence the Horns project, a grassroots effort advocating for quiet lock signaling in cars manufactured for the North American market. I also facilitate educational events and trade show participation for the Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection. And I was recently invited to join The Quiet Coalition, where I serve on the administrative board. I'm also a part-time student in a Masters of Public Health program in the department of environmental and occupational health sciences.

This website now serves as a blog and informational clearinghouse. Staying positive about this effort has been a struggle during the last year, but recently there has been a surge in public interest in the effects of noise pollution, and I think that if the lot of us, with our individual projects, could sustain the interest we're starting to see in others, we could manage to attain critical mass and move forward.

As a result of my work in the area of acoustic vehicle technology, I've become more familiar with the auto industry and its ancillary businesses, and consider myself to be a neutral, fascinated, and passionate "student of automotive history" rather than a closed-minded critic. I think the industry has great work opportunities for young people and job changers. I would love to see these changes: one, more passion for quieter design that includes every feature, two, better understanding of the soundscape and its relationship to human health, quality of life, and respect for wildlife, and three, less reactivity and competition around tech industry "innovation."

Email jeanineb (at) bway (dot) net

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