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Organizations that focus on soundscape, sound, silence, quiet, noise, and acoustic ecology

Silence the Horns is a campaign targeting horn-based signaling used to reflect locking, starting, and finding vehicles, as well as use with battery charging, "key left in car" (including on the person of a passenger sitting in the car) and other non-emergency events

The Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection A Canadian nonprofit with global membership that has been addressing residential and environmental noise pollution for more than thirty years

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse A national non-profit organization with comprehensive noise-related resources

The Quiet Coalition A coalition of physicians, lawyers, and others addressing noise with an evidence-based approach

NoiseOFF A working toolkit that people can use to reduce noise pollution in their lives and communities

Noise Free America A non-profit organization dedicated to addressing noise pollution in the United States

Hornfree (English version) A Montreal-based site focused on horn-based and other audible lock signaling

Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology Exploring the role of sound in natural and cultural environments

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology An international association of affiliated organizations and individuals in Europe,
North America, Japan, and Australia that share a common concern with the state of the world's soundscapes

Articles, online forums, discussion boards, videos, and mainstream literature

There are hundreds of discussion forums for every auto brand, as well as forums that focus on everyday issues that have a negative impact on individuals and groups. Below is a sampling of the most popular sites, and mention of remote signal horn use in popular media. Also included are mainstream articles about noise in general.

The Silence the Horns public service announcement   (Video)

Inundated by a River of Words (the best piece ever about modern public transportation)   (Opinion piece)

"VW Sweden said that the panic button is only offered to the North American market." (VW Golf Forum)

Beep! A campaign to stop those annoying horn-based car alerts is making noise   (Article)

Keyless horn-honking sets unsound precedent   (Article)

Brigade Electronics innovates white sound reversing alarm   (Article)

"...the alarm has no purpose and can be heard all over the neighborhood"   (Article)

Noise, health, and the value of investing in reform   (Article)

"Are people getting nicer?"   (Book excerpt)

Suppress option for Charging Honk   (Volt forum)

Noise isnít just annoying, itís bad for your health   (Article)

Anti-Noise Group Blows the Whistle on Keyless Entry Systems   (Article)

The Chevy Cruze app enables "relocking" and honking from miles away   (Video)

Virginia residents opposed the technology in 2009   (Article)

Car alarms and beeps: What boards and owners can do about the noise   (Article)

ParaPundit discussion on remote keyless entry honking   (Forum)

Cars Honking When Locked with the Remote | My Biggest Complaint   (Forum)

Club smart Car discussion of silent locking   (smart Forum)

Stop honking your horn - Straight Dope Message Board   (Forum)

PLEASE HELP get rid of the LOUD HONK when i use my remote!!   (Honda forum)


A forum that makes you wistful for the simplicity of the pre-RKE era (Ask MetaFilter forum)

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